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Cover Types


  • Claim up to a maximum amount, which is reset each year
  • Top-notch cover for long-term conditions (e.g. arthritis and diabetes) - as well as bumps, bruises, coughs and sneezes

How it works... A certain furry friend is a little more itchy and scratchy than usual. The vet says it’s dermatitis. No sweat: you have a Lifetime policy with a maximum benefit of £4,000 and a limit of £1,000 per condition, per year. Claim the cost of necessary vets bills, creams and other treatments for the dermatitis up to that £1,000 limit each year - for as long as you’re with us.

Once your pet suffers from a medical condition it can become very difficult to get another insurer to offer cover for that condition.

See exclusions for dogs
See exclusions for cats

Maximum Benefit

  • Claim up to a maximum cash benefit for a single condition.
  • No time limit on reaching that maximum cash benefit limit
  • Ideal for accidents, bumps, bruises and illnesses

How it works... your buddy's come home with a flesh wound, so you’ll need to keep an eye on it. You have a Maximum Benefit policy with a limit of £1,000 per condition. So far, you’ve spent £300 on vets’ bills. If the wound needs further treatment while the policy’s in place, you can claim back those treatment costs up to a maximum of £1,000.

Once your pet suffers from a medical condition it can become very difficult to get another insurer to offer cover for that condition.

See exclusions for dogs
See exclusions for cats

Why everypaw

Pet healthcare, what's it for?

Vet bills, third party liability, holiday cancellation, costs for finding your lost pet and much more.


Questions. We all have them. Some, more frequent than others.

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Every bump. Every bruise. Every sleepless night...

We’re here for all things pet

Keeping your buddy healthy, happy and safe is a massive responsibility, we know. But don’t worry, we’re here to share the load.

Here at Everypaw HQ, we’re on hand for support and pet advice any time you need us...

When something’s just not right...

If there’s something on your mind, it helps to speak to an expert. Petcall's team of vet nurses are on hand 24 hours a day to talk it through over a cuppa, just pick up the dog and bone. Petcall's vet nurses are also available via live webchat!

When it’s time to get help...

Worried about vet fees for accident, illness and injury? Don’t be - we’ve got it covered. Subject to T&Cs

When the search is on...

If your buddy goes walkies, we cover the cost of advertising to help get lost pets back home safely. Set a reward - and we’ll take care of it - within reason!

When someone’s looking guilty

We can take the hassle out of dealing with the legal claims. Dog owners are covered for third party liability and legal costs subject to acceptance.

When the whole crew wants in...

Share the love when insuring two or more pets each year receive discount equal to one month's FREE on each policy you have with us.

When it’s time to say goodbye

We’re here for the happy moments and the really hard moments too, with agreed fixed payments for loss through illness, accident, straying or theft. We might not be able to bring your buddy back, but we can help soften the blow.

When street cred matters

You wouldn’t hand your buddy over to someone you didn’t trust. Leading independent financial research company, Defaqto has put Everypaw to the test and have given us a top 5-star rating for our two highest levels of Lifetime products. So our policy features and benefits are definitely something to bark about!

5 star defaqto rated cover with Everypaw
applies to the top 2 levels of lifetime cover

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