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Pet Insurance… but not as you know it

Here at Everypaw HQ we know that every pet is one of a kind, and every moment shared with your BFF is precious. Every squeeze. Every stroke. Every slobbery selfie.

So we’re on a mission to keep them happy, healthy and safe. Because if your buddy’s feeling on top of the world, it’s kind of contagious.

Everypaw cover types

Picking a pukka pet insurance policy

With the right pet cover, you get the treatment your buddy deserves - without ending up in the doghouse when the vet bill hits your inbox.

With two types of cover and our very own multi-pet discount, Everypaw has your back so you can enjoy life with your furry friend. Take a closer look and get your paws on the policy that’s right for you...

Once your pet suffers from a medical condition it can become very difficult to get another insurer to offer cover for that condition.

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  • Claim up to a maximum amount, which is reset each year
  • Top-notch cover for long-term conditions (e.g. arthritis and diabetes)
  • Also great for bumps, bruises, coughs and sneezes
5 star defaqto rated cover with Everypaw

applies to the top 2 levels of lifetime cover

Maximum Benefit

  • Claim up to a maximum cash benefit for a single condition.
  • No time limit on reaching that maximum cash benefit limit
  • Ideal for accidents, bumps, bruises and illnesses

Multipet discount

  • Insure two or more pets* to unlock our multi-pet bonus discount
  • Each year receive discount equal to one month's FREE on each policy you have with us
  • Perfect for when the whole crew needs protection

*When completing your policy application for your second pet, we’ll ask if you already have a policy with us. Click “Yes” (obvs) and we’ll take care of the rest!