Every claim

Every step of the way, we want to make the claims process as quick and easy as possible. So if your buddy’s got a problem, here’s how to get it sorted…

Step 1: Download the details

If you need to make a claim, no worries. Just download your Everypaw Vet Fees claim form here

For other types of claim please follow the instructions in your policy booklet.

Step 2: Speak up!

Don’t suffer in silence. If you’ve got questions about a certain section of the form - or about what receipts you need to send with it, get on the dog and bone to Everypaw HQ. If we get everything we need all in one go, it means we can get the claim sorted as quickly as possible.

Step 3: Let us take care of it

Within 3 days of getting your claim form, we’ll be on to it. In most cases and where there are no further queries, you can expect payment within about 5 days of making the claim.