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Top dog birthday present ideas

Date updated: 07 05 2019

The big day is fast approaching, your pup is turning a year older but with so much excitement surrounding the day, where do you even start thinking about what to get them? Choosing birthday gifts for your dog can feel like a challenge – so to help, we’ve put together a list of the 10 best birthday gift ideas for your dog. 

1.    A birthday cake

Is it really a party if there’s no cake? You can get dog birthday cakes made from all kinds of doggy treats, like peanut butter and dog chocolate. If you’re dog is turning one, giving them their 1st birthday cake is a momentous occasion and well deserving of a chorus of Happy Birthday – camera phones at the ready! Alternatively – make your own healthy version at home.

2.    Dog beer

Sit back and share a cold one with your pooch by buying in some dog beer. This non-alcoholic dog friendly beverage might seem like a ridiculous gift for your dog, but it’s just something a little special to really treat them.

3.    PitPat

Labrador running

If you’re a keen rambler and love spending the day taking on the hills, fields and walking trails of your local area, a PitPat tracker can be a great gift. You can monitor how much exercise your pooch is doing alongside how much time they spend resting – to make sure their getting the right amount of both for their breed. Find out how Everypaw helped three unfit dogs get into great shape with the help of a PitPat dog activity tracker.

Ever wondered what the world looks like from your dog’s point of view? Well, the GoPro Fetch dog harness lets you! Comfortable and light-weight to wear, you can attach your GoPro camera to their back and record their every movement.

5.    Ball launcher

Jack russell

Make playtime at the party even more spectacular with a ball launcher. The perfect toy for a pooch that love to run, a ball launcher can get your dog running, jumping and just having a great time at the park.

6.    Dog camera

Worried about what your pup is up to while you’re at work? Do you think they might be bored, or getting into the treats? Find out with a pet camera. These clever pieces of tech not only alert you when your pup is barking with a text, they can also allow you to speak to your dog remotely like the Furbo Dog Camera, or deliver treats like the PetCube.

7.    Pull and cuddly toys

 malinois & border collie

If your dog is past the age of destroying everything, it might be a nice idea to get them a lovely cuddly dog toy or a brand new pull toy. You can get all different types of cuddle toys, from bears to snuggle with to squeaky dinosaurs, depending on what your pup likes. And for a rainy day inside, what could be better than a big game of tug of war?

8.    Bow ties, coats and costumes

If you really want to make this a day to remember, why not get your canine pal a bow tie or a snazzy new outfit? From snuggly coats for walkies to stylish pieces to add to their collar, you can get them and loads of amazing accessories to let them know this is a really special day.

9.    Automatic pet feeder

Going out for the day but want to make sure your pooch has enough grub to last them? An automatic pet feeder like this one can help. You can fit in four plates of food and program the device to serve them up when your pup needs some food. For an added benefit, you can even record your voice to let them know it’s dinner time.

10.  Control their barking

If you four-legged friend likes to shout about how there’s someone at the door, try the Motorola Indoor Bark control to help. It comes with two units you put up in your house and when the doorbell goes, it emits an ultrasonic noise to calm your dog down.

There’s loads of stuff you can do to make your dog’s birthday a day to remember and our handy list of dog birthday presents ideas can help you make sure they’re treated like royalty. For more puppy party inspiration, read our guide here.


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